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Important details of the tournament are outlined below: 

1.    12 teams will participate in the tournament

2.    Teams will be split in groups (TBD) 

3.    Top 8 teams in the league will play in the quarterfinals

4.    Winners of quarterfinals will play in the semi-finals

5.    Winners of semi-finals will play the Final and the winner will be adjudged Champion of Swiss IPL 2022

6.    Each participating team will get at least 2 matches to play (we`ll announce the final schedule in time)

7.    Each team shall have 6 players, but can register up to 8 players (2 extras) for the tournament. Matches will be played with 6 players per side with 5 overs per innings (minimum 4 bowlers).

8.    Time limit for each match will be 30 minutes (15 minutes per innings). Penalties will apply for teams wasting time without valid reasons

9.    Apart from the Winner and Runners-up trophy, we will have individual awards (TBD) as well as cash prizes for the winner and runners-up. The Championship committee has pegged the 1st prize at CHF 750 and 2nd prize at CHF 400 (TBD based on no. of registrations).


Decisions of the committee taken on the organisation of this championship will be deemed final. Please note that due to time restrictions we cannot accommodate more than 12 teams for this tournament. Registration of teams will be based on first come first serve basis.

Once we have the list of teams participating and their registration fees, we shall decide on the format and further regulations of the tournament.

Please also find additional tournament info below: 

1) The tournament will be played in an indoor hall. Hence players / spectators are allowed to wear only non marking indoor shoes. 

2) Buffet lunch, mineral and lemon water, evening snacks and tea will be organized for the teams restricted to 6 players. For spectators and extra players buffet food, drinks, tea and snacks would be chargeable at CHF 25 per person.

3) Indoor non marking balls for matches will be provided by the tournament organizers. 

4) Teams are requested to bring their own cricket equipment.

5) Safety of the players is paramount to us, therefore we recommend to use personal protective equipment incl Leg pads, abdominal guards, hand gloves and helmet.

6) We will provide a detailed plan with format along with details about the tournament (rules and regulations, playing conditions etc. will be provided to participating clubs post registration).  

7) There are no uniforms or special restrictions on the clothing. However, teams are free to choose their club apparel or any other with which it is comfortable and safe to play.

8) Safety is quite crucial for the committee and in due course safety guidelines will be outlined and shared. We shall be using posters at the venue to guide all the participants on safety measures including  emergency exit doors. All are requested to follow the instructions of the committee on safety matters.


Please spread the word by passing it on to your friends and colleagues and help in making this championship a success.


on behalf of 

Swiss IPL 2022 Org Committee

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