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Cricket Verein Zug (CVZ) Becomes an Official Cricket Club with Cricket Switzerland

Cricket Verein Zug (CVZ) has been officially registered with Cricket Switzerland and made inroads to new era for cricket lovers in the greater Zug area. Spring coming closer with favorable weather and with that CVZ has embarked on exciting journey of a game that every team member is passionate about.

The journey of CVZ started couple of years back with first Swiss Indoor Premier League (SIPL) in 2019. Post SIPL-2019, few enthusiasts of the game persuaded like minded players to form the Cricket Club to play in Swiss Cricket League. Even Corona pandemic could not stop passionate players and CVZ players continued to work on setting up the practice matches, take several feedbacks from nearby Cricket Clubs like Wettingen CC, Zurich Lions CC, Aargau CC to name a few. Several practice matches with these clubs and introspection sessions carried  out to test water levels that CVZ as a team can swim up to. Then Cricket  Switzerland recognized CVZ’s effort and accepted our proposal to be an associate member of  Cricket Switzerland.

As a part of Cricket Switzerland, CVZ will take part in Cricket Switzerland National League (CSNL 40 over), Mr. Pickwick T20 League and T10 competition. The season for 2022 is already kicked off. Our first official match is scheduled for 24th April 2022.

CVZ team for 2022 season is announced already, which includes following players:

(Name sequence from left to right in the cover picture)

Kapil Reddy

Nitin Shah

Sridhar Ponnada

Navdeep Mahajan

Ramesh Thouti

Saurabh Verma

Tarminder Singh

Ranjith Ramakrishnan

Sachin Balan

Sandeep Vellori

Ankush Hasani

Raghav Marur

Malav Bhatt

Jithesh Godi

Player not in cover picture (in alphabetical order):

Durga Koppisetti

Naveen Malik

Pritesh Purohit

Vaibhav Zirmite

Vinay Sandhu

Vineet Panikar

Authors: Vaibhav Zirmite and Malav Bhatt

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Rishitha Chowdary
Rishitha Chowdary
Mar 26, 2022

Looking forward to a wonderful performance by these exceptional players. Good Luck Players !

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